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Elieolie Servizi elicotteri per Eolie e dintorni

Ph. [h24]. & Fax: +39 090 983 333
Gioia Tauro
Ph. +39 0966 500 581
Fax +39 0966 506 554
P.IVA 01636930503

Elieolie : elitaxi on Aeolian Islands

The Aeolian Islands company DEDALUS, based on Panarea, offers transfer flights to and from the airports in southern Italy, allowing passengers to swiftly reach any destination.

In addition, our helicopter tours are a unique way to admire the beauty of the islands from an unusual angle; a particularly unforgettable experience are the flights over the Sicilian volcanoes and over Stromboli, with departures from Taormina, Panarea, Milazzo, Catania, Tropea, or anywhere else on request. Dedalus is also an original, alternative idea for birthdays, anniversaries or weddings….

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